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Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Skin types range from sensitive, normal, oily, combination to dry and dehydrated. Dry and flaky skin is not only a winter season skin problem. Dryness of the skin is caused by our hectic lifestyle which does not let our skin breathe, as our skin is exposed to pollution and we often tend to neglect what our skin needs. The use of harsh soaps and chemicals on dry skin is a big no-no because the skin is on the acidic side of the Ph chart. Dry skin type needs special care and needs more nourishment and hydration than any other skin type as it lacks oil and is prone to wrinkles and tightness. Aloe vera is known widely for its nourishing and hydrating effects, a pea-sized drop of aloe vera can do wonders in terms of hydration.

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Curaloe Restore and Renew Day Cream 50ml with 80% Aloe Vera, ideal for revitalizing dry and dull skin.Day cream featuring 80% Aloe Vera to nourish and firm skin, combat aging, and protect from environmental stress.
Curaloe Facial Wash Cleanser - Aloe Vera for Deep Pore CleansingCuraloe Facial Wash Cleanser - Reduce Acne and Skin Inflammation
Curaloe All Purpose Cream Ultra Skin Repair - 70% Aloe VeraCuraloe All Purpose Aloe Vera Cream Ultra Skin Repair - Health Skin Quickly
Curaloe Body Lotion Daily Moisturizing 250ml - 80% Aloe Vera CreamCuraloe Aloe Vera Body Lotion - 80% Aloe Vera Cream for Deep Moisturization
Night Cream - Curaloe EuropeNight Cream Skin Renewing 50ml - 70% Aloe Vera
Curaloe Travel Size Body Lotion Daily Moisturizing 88.7ml - 80% Aloe Vera CreamMini Body Lotion Daily Moisturizing 88.7ml - For Effect Relief of Eczema, Sunburn and Acne
Sold outCuraloe Organic Deluxe Body Oil 100ml - Baobab & Argan OilCuraloe Organic Deluxe Body Oil 100ml - For Dry Skin
Save 20%Curaloe Organic Cleansing Milk 200ml - 79% Aloe Vera & Reishi MushroomCuraloe Organic Cleansing Milk 200ml - Improve Skin Circulation
Organic Cleansing Milk 200ml - 79% Aloe Vera and Reishi Mushroom Sale price€24,00 EUR Regular price€30,00 EUR
Save 11%Curaloe Essential Aloe Vera Travel PackCuraloe Essential Aloe Vera Travel Pack
Curaloe Essential Aloe Vera Travel Pack Sale price€45,50 EUR Regular price€51,00 EUR
Save 15%Organic Aloe Vera Body Care KitOrganic Aloe Vera Body Care Kit
Organic Aloe Vera Body Care Kit Sale price€41,50 EUR Regular price€49,00 EUR
Sold outSave 15%Organic Aloe Vera Glow KitOrganic Aloe Vera Glow Kit
Organic Aloe Vera Glow Kit Sale price€59,50 EUR Regular price€70,00 EUR